Sunday, May 30, 2021

Amazon daily quiz answers 30 May 2021 - Win ₹30,000 Amazon Pay Balance



Amazon Daily quiz answers today for 30th May 2021: Win ₹30,000 Amazon Pay Balance

amazon quiz 30 may 2021
Amazon quiz 30 may 2021

Daily Amazon Quiz answers-win ₹30,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Quiz of the Day Q & A:-

Q1: INS Nireekshak, which was recently in news, is what type of vessel used by the Indian         Navy?
       Ans: Diving Support Vessel

Q2: Which country has announced that it would send rover 'Rashid' to the Moon in 2022?
        Ans: UAE

 Q3: In 2021, who fell from the forbes list of the 5 richest people in the world for the first              time since 1993?
        Ans: Warren Buffett

 Q4: The last of this bird was seen in the 17th century in which country?
        Ans: Mauritius

 Q5: In 1983, who left this company due to a diminishing interest in the day- day running of          the comapany?
        Ans: Steve Wozniak

Rules of this Quiz:-

  • Amazon Quiz Answers For 30th May 2021.

  • Submit Amazon Quiz Answers & Win ₹30,000 Amazon Pay Balance for Lucky Participants in Today's Amazon Quiz Contest.

  • Amazon Quiz Contest's Timing 12Am to 11:59PM Daily.

  • Winners of Today's Quiz Will be declared later on the next day at Amazon Quiz Winner Section.

  • Submit Correct anwers in Amazon App.

  • Get all the Day Amazon Quiz Answers is Here.

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