Friday, June 11, 2021

8 Big Smartphone Mistakes : Use Smartphone Use Smart


 8 Big Smartphone Mistakes

Use Smartphone Use Smart... 

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1.Don't Install Unknown Third Party Apps.

           Sometimes this third party apps are crack your smartphone without your                   permission.

 2.Must You Need Update Apps.

          Some apps are sometime update the apps.

          This is correct one for security.

3.Security Patch Update is Must.

          Security patch is very must to your smartphone.

4.System Update.

          The system update is any kind of bugs cleared to your phone.

          Fully known this update are worked well. After update the System Update.

5.Don't Use Default Browser.

          Sometimes the default browser is occupied your storage.

          Don't give the some permissions. 


              Read internal/external storage

6.Give Rest To Your Phone.

          Shutdown your phone few minutes. After, Switch on your phone.

          No hang. Use Smoothly.


          Enable the unknown sources settings.

          For you need the apps.

          After disable the unknown sources settings.

          You don't permission for hacking apps.

8.Don't Store Private Photos & Videos.

          Don't store your private videos/photos in your phone. Because some cracking             apps are retrieve your data to your phone.



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