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8 Untold Instagram🔥 Tricks and 🔥Tips : Inspire Your Audience🔥🔥🔥


 8 Instagram Tricks

instagram tips
Instagram Tricks & Tips

1. Stories Multiple Photos

        Open Instagram


     Click Smile Icon and 


     You See The + Symbol


      Click the + symbol. 

      Again, Repeat the Method to Add Multiple Photos.

2.Vanish Mode

       Message to your friends . Then, click your friend's profile. Scroll down by your Finger.

     After 6 hours message was Automatically Delete.

3.Photos Hide

  • Open your instagram account.
  • Go to your page.
  • Choose which Photos are should Hide in your profile page .
  • Click the dots " ⋮ " . 
  • Choose ArchiveNow Hided your Choosing Photos.
  • Again unhide your photo. In your profile page. 
  • Click three Dash button " ≡  ". Click Archive . 
  • Choose your hided photo and click the three dots " ⋮ "
  • Show on profile. Now See the Photo in Your Profile.

4.Story Tricks

  • How to see the storyBut you seen, not saw your friend.
  • Your friend story and after/before the Another friend's Story.
  • You track the after/before Story. peeking your friend's Story.
  • In case, Your friend add multiple Stories.
  • Again you see your friend photo.
  • Do you Want to see the Friend's Story . 
  • Put your Friend's Username and you see the Friend's Stories One by One.

5.How to Upload Attractive Stories.

  • Go to Your Stories Upload Page.
  • Click the smile icon.
  • Click gif.
  • Type Collage Letter.
  • You choose the letters. You want the text message good morning/good night.
  • Type the letters One by One.

6.Haters Restrict

  • Go to your Haters Profile. Click Three Dots " ⋮ "Click Restrict Button.
  • Now you problem free from Haters.
  • Haters see your photos/videos. But your hater can not send the message to you.


7.Low Data Usage 

  • Go to your profile. Click three dash button " ≡  ".
  • Click settings. Then click account option. 
  • Click Cellular Data Use. Enable Data Saver Option.
  • High resolution media files Open wi-fi only.

8.Delete Your Activity

  • Go to Your Account Profile. 
  • Click your Activity. 
  • Hide your Activity Button.


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