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Top 10 Upcoming Smartphones In August🔥🔥🔥


Top 10 Upcoming Smartphones In August

Micromax 2B
Micromax 2B

  1. Micromax 2B
  2. Asus 8 Series
  3. Motorola 8 Series
  4. iQOO 8
  5. Samsung Fold and Flip
  6. Realme GT Edition
  7. Redmi 10 Series
  8. Vivo
  9. Oppo
  10. Infinix


 Micromax were about to launch a Smartphone in July. But now to launch a Smartphone that Smartphone Micromax 2B. All set to launch this Mobile with Unisoc Processor.


Asus is all set to launch two Smartphones in the Asus 8 Series this August.



The Motorola 8 Series can be expected this month from the Motorola side. We were looking forward to launch last month. It is said to come with a 108MP Camera. 

I think the launch of two Smartphones in the 700 Series and 800 Series.


iQOO is ready to launch the next generation Smartphone.

Let's say iQOO 8 is about to launch.

That too is going to happen in this launch Chinese.

But I do not know if this iQOO 8 will launch in India in August.

Because iQOO has launched a lot of recent Aggressive Smartphones in India.

Definitely think of launching a smartphone on behalf of iQOO. If the iQOO 8 series launches in India it will be another level.


Samsung is all set to launch the Samsung Fold and Flip 3 at this month's launch event.

It comes with a lot of changes.

With the global launch on August 11, it is not known when Exact will launch in India. .


I think the realme gt series will have a compulsory launch this month. Launch two smartphone launches this month. One is realme gt the other is gt explorer edition, gt master edition and gt neo. With these four smartphones coming soon it will be easy for us to buy the right smartphone.


I look forward to Redmi bringing the Redmi 10 Series this month. We looked forward to coming last month but did not come. Let's see if we can come up with a budget smartphone. Let's see what we can come up with this month.


Expect at least one smartphone launch from Vivo. Let's say Vivo launches a model on online.


Oppo on offline segment, Oppo is all set plan to launch a few series.


Infinix are about to launch a smartphone. There are pros and cons to being a budget smartphone.


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