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What is OneDrive and how do you use it?


 What is OneDrive and how do you use it? 

  1. If you use any Microsoft products, you may find the name OneDrive. This is a cloud based service. Introduced to give Microsoft users the option to store and share their documents.
  2. Whether you use it as a work tool or for storing personal documents, OneDrive is a Convenient option to access your files on the Go or Share content with Colleagues.
  3. Let's take a look at the differences between OneDrive for Personal and OneDrive for Business, and different aspects of OneDrive.
  4. This is the only drive you will see when you open Windows 10 on your computer:
  5. You can use this when signing in to your Microsoft account. On Microsoft Computers, this is the default option for Storing Documents or Files, which Saves Space on your Storage Drive.

how do you use onedrive
OneDrive for Business

  • Like many Cloud Storage Services, you get many GB for free. Actually, with the free OneDrive plan you will get up to 5GB, but you will have to pay to get 200GB of storage.
  • You can get 1TB of OneDrive space for free with most Microsoft 365 Home or personal programs, which means OneDrive makes it easy to sync and share information and documents between your Windows Devices.
  • In 2019, Microsoft also added Personal Vault to OneDrive, enabling two-factor verification for extra security for the three special files you want to protect (365 users get unlimited private Vault space).

OneDrive for Business

       OneDrive is an archived data management system for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and a repository that holds all Microsoft Office services together. It allows employees to share documents, monitor projects, enter data automatically, collaborate online, protect their data and much more. If you are looking for Microsoft 365 features for your business, the data in those features is definitely powered by OneDrive.

        As OneDrive is involved in many Microsoft services, Microsoft updates it frequently every two weeks. Note that there is a version of OneDrive for Windows and a Version for MacOS that are updated separately.

OneDrive for All

             Microsoft wants to use OneDrive to store and sync all your data across devices. That’s why OneDrive has added Apps to All Sites. The Office 365 offers 1TB of online storage per machine with a Subscription. The Office 365 Home Subscription offers 1TB of OneDrive Storage for up to Five Machines, offering this service for $100 per year or $10 per month.

            OneDrive ensures that your files are automatically backed up, synced and easily accessible.

Why Use OneDrive?

     Until now, Cloud Storage was a way to share files with others or transfer them from one device to another. As storage space becomes more affordable, cloud computing is becoming more and more of a backup solution, with users forgetting that someone else is managing your data and now using cloud computing. The main advantage of One Drive is that it syncs with sites and integrates with services and applications you already use, including Windows, Office, Outlook and more.

     OneDrive should not be your only backup solution. For example, if your driver dies, your OneDrive account is hacked, or your Internet connection crashes, keep backups of what you need on one hard drive.


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