Monday, August 9, 2021

What is e-RUPI and how can you use it?


    The Central Government has introduced a new facility called e-Rupee to further facilitate money transfer.

how to use e rupi payment
e Rupi

How can you use e-RUPI?

  • This new feature allows customers to purchase receipts by paying in advance online.
  • Then it is sufficient to provide the details of the receipt at the place of payment.
  • Receipt or QR code will be sent to our mobile accordingly. It is sufficient to inform the payee of the details in the receipt.
  • Money will be deducted from it.
  • Customers who purchase the receipt will also be notified via SMS.
  • Especially with this facility you do not have to carry anything like credit card, debit card in hand.
  • But the mobile phone will be required to carry out online money transactions.
  • It is said that there is no need to have a cell phone in this new facility.
  • This means that the transaction can be done only if you know the details of the receipts purchased through e-Rupee.
  • These receipts can be purchased for specific functions and can then be gifted to specific individuals.
  • Banks like SBI, Canara Bank, Baroda Bank, ICICI, HDFC, Axis Bank, IndusInd have joined hands in implementing this e-Rupee facility.


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