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5 Common Photography Mistakes Do & Don't Beginner Tips


 Top 5 Mobile Photography Mistakes

Step by Step Explain the Photography: 

1. Clean your Camera Lens:-

clean camera lens
Clean Camera Lens

  • First Mistake is no one use camera cover or screen protector and no one cleaning mobile camera dust. So image is little bit dull.
  • After, you can shot on every moment in your camera. You can get the  perfect image quality and perfect color scale.

2. Use Grid Option:-

Use grid option
Use Grid Option

  • You can enable the grid option on camera settings.
  • 3:3 / 4:4 or more.

Why Should You Use the Grid Option?

Exact the picture object and correct angle.

3. Aspect Ratio 3:4/4:3:-

  •  In your photo expected full sensor quality.
  • You can get the full quality please correct the aspect ratio.
  • You want maximum resolution and full clarity of images to your camera lens 3:4 is highly recommended.
  • 1:1 or 16:9, 18:9 only upload in your social media, but not so much the quality.
  • Normally above ratio is not exact mode view your photo quality.

4. Don't use Digital Zoom:-

Dont use digital zoom
Digital Zoom

  • First of all don't zoom your mobile camera lenses.
  • Because zoom is not clearly exact your photo quality.
  • All are using the smartphones,but telephoto lenses(zoom lenses) not available in all mobiles.
  • Smartphone brands are using zooming software.
  • You are shot some photos zoom and without zoom, without zoom photos are normally like after zooming quality.
  • Maximum you can shot the image near by you.
  • You can get better quality.

5. Use Burst Mode:-

Burst mode
Before Burst Mode

  • Many others like this shot, but not capture at the moment.(e.g bike ride, water balloon blast,running, jumping).
  • So many people many times capture the shot, but shot is blur to all.
  • Normally using the capture button to long press.
  • Totally 20 to 30 photos are clicking at the moment.
use burst mode
like After Burst Mode

3 Photography Tips:

1. Ultra-Wide Angle Shot:-

  • Normally you used the ultrawide angle shot. The photo side, corner, top places is expanded.
  • Not just like the photo.
Normal Wide angle shot

  • You may like the object is center to focus on click the shot , at this time enable on grid option.
  • You can get super wide angle shot.
Super Wide Angle Shot

2. Over Exposure Shot:-

Exposure shot

  • You focus on the object, you can decrease the exposure outside of object.
  • Clearly nice, outside of the object.
  • Use low exposure shot.

3. Noise:-

Pro Mode

  • You can use normally auto mode.but clear the noise you can use the pro mode and manual mode.
  • Adjust some edit settings and get better experience.

Useful for your photography.

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